Why Apostille a Decree Absolute?

There are very few couples that enter into marriage anticipating a divorce at some point in the future. However, according to the National Statistics Office over 40% of marriages end in divorce. When a divorce is finally completed through the courts a decree absolute will be issued. You may find it necessary to provide evidence of the divorce overseas and obtain an apostille certificate.

The decree absolute is a UK document issued by a court that officially ends a marriage. This document may be requested by an authority overseas as confirmation that you are no longer married. It is likely that this document will need the apostille before you can use it in an official capacity in another country.

The apostille will confirm the decree has been correctly stamped by the court or signed by a UK solicitor or notary public. Members of the Hague Convention should then accept the document without further embassy attestation.

To dissolve a marriage in the UK you need to make an application through the courts. At the end of the process a decree absolute will be issued to both parties. The decree absolute is the official notice that the marriage has ended and both parties are now free to marry another person if they wish.

The apostille is often requested on this document to prove your previous marriage is now dissolved. We regularly legalise these documents for customers that are changing passports overseas, getting re-married or handling personal matters.

We can obtain the apostille for most court documents in just 1-2 days. On completion we can ship the document anywhere in the world or return it within the UK. To order your apostille today simply send your decree absolute to The Apostille Service for a quick and efficient service.

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