Sending Documents to The Apostille Service

The majority of documents are sent by the customer to our office for the apostille. However, you can ask family members or friends to send documents to us. You can also request that organisations and government offices send documents to us. You simply need to order online, make a note of the order number and send a document to us.

Arranging for a document to be sent directly to us can save you time and additional postage costs. Many customers order ACROs, DBS background checks, replacement birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, Companies House documents and many other important documents to be sent to our address.

How does this work?

  • Step 1 – Order the apostille from us online
  • Step 2 – Make a note of the order number we issue and our address
  • Step 3 – Order the document from the organisation
  • Step 4 – Provide our address and include the order number in the delivery details - Put the first line of our address as -> Apostille Service - ADD ORDER NUMBER
  • Step 5 – When the document arrives at our office we will add the apostille in just 1-2 days and dispatch it to your address.


That is it. We will have all the details ready at our office for the arrival of your document for the apostille service.

Organisations that regularly send documents directly to us

We accept documents from many government bodies and organisations. The following is just an example of the most popular.

  • ACRO – Police certificates
  • DBS – Disclosure Barring Service background checks/li>
  • GRO – General Registrar Office for birth, marriage, civil ceremony, adoption, and death certificates
  • Companies House – For company documents signed by the registrar at Companies House. You can also send digital downloads to us.
  • Universities and Colleges – They can send awards, certificates and confirmation of study directly to us.


Whatever document you have, we are happy to accept these to be sent to us. We will complete the apostille service in just a couple of days.

About the Author

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