Registering a Birth Or Death Overseas With An Apostille

There are several situations in which a birth or death that has occurred in the UK may need to be registered overseas. Applying for dual nationality; a new passport for your child; or registering a death a foreign national overseas will often necessitate the requirement for validating your documentation with an Apostille.

The Apostille certificate is a recognised procedure for legalising documents between Hague Member countries. If you are currently based in the UK, permanently or otherwise, and have given birth then we can assist with registering your child’s birth overseas. The Apostille will be the main prerequisite to applying for dual nationality or a new passport for your child, however it is also advisable to check with your embassy if a translation is also required.  If you currently have two birth certificates for your child, a longer and a shorter version, the standard practice would be to legalise the longer version containing parental details. We can issue the apostille on the short version but common practice is to legalise the long version.

A death of a foreign national within the UK may also need to be registered overseas when dealing with the estate of the deceased. The death certificate or coroner’s certificate will need to be legalised by apostille before it will be accepted. It may also be a requirement to give Power of Attorney to a legal representative or family member overseas when dealing with international estates.


Replacement certificates can be ordered in just a few days.


It is important to note that the Apostille can only be issued to the original document or an official copy of said document issued by the General Registry Office. If your document has been lost or misplaced then we can assist you in obtaining a replacement birth or death certificate.

Replacement documents can be obtained in just a few days. Whether you are in the UK or overseas we can take of ordering a new document and getting the apostille issued in just a few days.

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