Should you send the original degree to us?

When we add the apostille to a degree certificate we can issue the apostille on the original degree certificate or we can make a colour photocopy and add the apostille to the copy.

If you must have the apostille on the original degree certificate then you have no choice other than to post the original certificate to us.

When adding the apostille top a copy you have two choice. You can send the original document to us or you can email a clear scan of the document for printing and processing. Processing a copy from your email adds a few days to processing times and increases the fee slightly.

Post the original certificate to us!

For most customers this is the quickest and cheapest solution. When the original document arrives we can immediately start the service. We can legalise the original document or make a colour copy. You can tell us your preference when ordering.

There are no extra fees for making a copy.

There are no extra costs verifying the document.

solicitor certification


email degree certificate

Email or post a copy to us!

Some customers prefer to keep the original document in their possession and email a scan of the certificate to us.

We charge an extra fee of £34 (depending on the university) as we have to prepare additional documents, spend time communicating with universities and have to pay fees to check certificates.

If you are based overseas this will save you the courier costs which can offset the additional fees we charge.

Verifying a degree certificate can take just 1 or 2 days but some universities take several weeks to reply to our requests.


Points to consider

  • Save Time – If you need the apostille quickly it is usually quicker to send the original degree certificate. However, emailing a copy may be quicker for you.
  • Processing Original Documents – Customers that need the apostille on the original document will have to post the certificate to us.
  • Additional Fees – We charge an extra fee if you email a copy of the degree as we spend more time processing documents and have to pay to verify degrees.
  • Courier To Us – Overseas customers need to consider costs sending documents to us, time spent organising couriers, risk of damage in transit and additional time while documents are in transit.
  • Simplicity – Let us do everything. We check, verify, certify, legalise and attest your documents as required. You do not need to leave the house.

Order By Post.

Simply complete the order form available online here. Post your documents that require solicitor certification to our address with your document and we will start processing your order straight away.

Order Now!

If you want to email a scan copy then simply drop us an email with your name, phone number and address. We need a good scan of your document and the completed consent form so that we can communicate with the university.


Why Choose Our Services

Using our solicitor certification service means that documents are quickly checked and correctly certified by one of our solicitors. This prevents delays with the legalisation as we ensure all documents are prepared by one our of team

Our dedicated legalisation team work with a wide range of documents every day. Your order will be handled by a trained member of the team who will prepare the documents as required.

If you need advice on getting your documents correctly certified please get in touch. We can offer you the best advice on contacting a solicitor or using our fully inclusive service.