Attesting Business Documents for the UAE

The UAE is a popular marketplace for UK companies to conduct business. There are many opportunities for UK businesses to work with UAE companies to supply their goods or services. Using our UAE document attestation service will help you to get your documents processed quickly.

Documents need attesting for the UAE

Working with UAE organisations often means that need to arrange for the attestation of your commercial documents. The process of getting your documents certified for the UAE is referred to as attestation or document legalisation. The UAE have rules on the types of documents that they will accept and how they should be presented.

Attesting documents requires many steps to be complete. This includes, checking documents, solicitor certification if required, FCO apostille certificate and UAE embassy legalisation. There is a lot of administration and couriers required to complete this correctly. Fortunately our attestation service takes care of the entire process for you.

Our knowledge will ensure your order is completed as quickly as possible so that you can work with business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or one of the other major cities in the UAE.

uae attestation service


legalising documents for the UAE

What documents do we regularly process?

Documents we regularly process include-

  • Incorporation Documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Product Lists and Specifications
  • Minutes, Resolutions and Company Letters
  • Power of Attorneys

This is not a complete list. We legalise hundreds of different documents every year for businesses. If you need advice on attesting company documents contact us on email or by phone.


Reasons you may need legalisation

  • Opening a company bank account in the UAE
  • Forming a new UAE branch or offshore company
  • Creating distribution agreements
  • Establishing a supply chain
  • Working in partnership with UAE companies

It is important that you identify exactly which documents need to be attested regardless of why they are being used. Each document that we process incurs a fee. To avoid wasting money you should contact the person asking for your documents and seek confirmation of their requirements.

Order your attestation.

To get your documents attested for the UAE simply PRINT the order from and SEND your documents to us with the completed form.

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If you have been asked to get documents legalised for use in the UAE then we can help. We legalise thousands of documents every year for companies with efficiency and security. Trust us to handle your documents quickly and safely.

Fully inclusive service

Rest assured that we complete all parts of the legalisation of your documents. We will make sure your documents are correctly attested and provide advice on the best way of presenting your documents.

Included in our service-

  • Document checks
  • Producing certified copies in necessary
  • Solicitor certification
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office Apostille
  • UAE Attestation Stamps
  • All administration fees and disbursements

For the latest prices and processing times please contact one of the team for advice. We need to know what documents you need to get attested and confirm that the documents need to be attested for the UAE.



Why Choose Our Service

We complete most UAE attestation orders in approximately 10 working days. Working directly with solicitors, the FCO and the embassy we save time processing documents.

The UAE embassy has strict rules on the type of documents they will accept and on how documents must be presented and submitted. With years of experience we avoid costly mistakes.

Understanding how important your documents are we do not use any third parties like other services. We keep your information secure and hand process documents at the FCO.