translating birth certificate

Translations of UK birth certificates are sometimes requested when you need to present the certificate in another country. It is important that birth certificates are professionally translated to avoid errors and to maintain formatting of the document.

Using our translation service ensures the birth certificate will be correctly translated into your preferred language. With over 100 translators experienced in processing birth certificates and other legal forms we offer excellent speed of service with high quality work.

Every effort is made to reproduce the document in a format similar to the original document. Unlike other service providers we do not just create a bland word document. The translation should reflect the original certificate.

Long or Short

translation serviceWhen a birth is registered in the UK the child will normally have two certificates at the time of registration.

The short version is the first certificate issued that confirms the entry in the registry. This certificate simply shows the child’s full name, date of birth and town of registration.

The long version is then issued as a certified copy of an entry. This certificate is more detailed and also includes the names of the parents.

We recommend that you have the long version of birth certificates translated whenever possible. Translations of the short version can be made on request but the person requesting your translation will probably want to see the parent’s details on the translations.


Once the translation has been produced the document will be certified. All translations leaving our office are checked and certified but you can choose from different levels of certification.

  • Standard certification - One of the translation team will check the document and certify this to be accurate.
  • Solicitor certified translation - One of the translation team will visit a local solicitor to certify the translation. The solicitor will then add their signature to the certification.
  • Apostille certified translation - In addition to getting the document certified by a solicitor we can obtain the apostille certificate on the translation.


If you only need a translation and the UK version does not need an apostille please email a clear scan of the document to us. We can begin the translation service immediately and aim to complete all orders in just a few hours. Contact us now with a copy of your document.

Customers that need the birth certificate to be legalised with the apostille will need to post the original UK version to our office. You can find the order form here.

The apostille service can be completed at the same time as the translation to streamline the service.

Replacement birth certificate

If you have lost the birth certificate or you would prefer to keep the original document in your own possession we can order copy birth certificates on your behalf. For a small fee we can purchase a General Registry Office official copy. This replacement will be accepted without question so please order with confidence.

If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.