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Replacement Marriage Certificate Service

It is often necessary to get UK marriage certificates legalised for use overseas. This requires an apostille from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and possibly attestation with an embassy. The simple solution is to attach the apostille to your original marriage certificate that was issued on the day you got married. However, some people prefer to obtain a replacement marriage certificate and legalise the new copy.

When the apostille is issued it can only be applied to genuine government copies of marriage certificates. These are created by the General Registrar Office (GRO). Photocopies and scans of these types of documents are not accepted by the FCO, even if signed by a notary public. Do not waste time and money getting solicitors to copy documents; they are not accepted.

Obtaining a copy of a UK marriage certificate is easy. Wherever you are in the world, we can order the document for you. Depending on how urgent your order is, we have two replacement options available. The fast service takes 2 days, while the slower service is about 10-15 days.

Here are just some of the reasons why people order replacement marriage certificates

  • Lost certificate – Losing an important document is more common than you would imagine. We assist many customers that have misplaced or cannot locate their original document.
  • Documents not in your possession – You may be travelling or have your documents in storage. If accessing your documents is going to take time, cost you money or is simply impossible, we can help. Ordering a replacement certificate is often the easiest solution if you do not have the original to hand. Assuming you know who got married, when and where we can order a copy for you.
  • Sentimental value – If you would like to keep the original marriage certificate untouched, using our replacement service can give you peace of mind that your original document will be kept in good condition. When legalising any document, the apostille itself is a small A5 piece of paper that is physically attached to the back of the document. An embossing stamp is also used which can be seen from both sides of the document. If you also require further embassy attestation this additional stamps will be added to the back of the certificate.
  • Older certificates – The older the document, the greater the chance it may be delayed in being legalised. This is because the FCO will legalise your document based on the signature of the official who signed the document. Some marriage certificates that were issued many years ago can take longer to process. If you were to order a replacement copy through ourselves, we would order this directly through the General Register Office, who have access to all marriage certificates on their own secure database. This is called a certified copy and is GRO stamped, this overrides the official’s signature and is recognised as a high enough legal standing to be legalised with the apostille.
  • Overseas customers– Sending documents to our office from overseas can work out more expensive than ordering a replacement document. If you have moved abroad and need to get a UK apostille on a UK marriage certificate then you can order a replacement directly from us which will save you time and potentially expensive courier costs.

Order your replacement marriage certificate.

Call or email use today to discuss getting your replacement documents. Our trained document team will explain how to proceed with your order. You can find an order form here

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Someone in our office is always on hand to offer you expert advice on your particular situation. We receive a lot of requests regarding our replacement certificate service and we can give you guidance on all the different options, processing times and fees.

You will need to provide us with the information detailed on the marriage certificate, just the names would not suffice. For more advice and information please send us an email today..

We offer a quick 2 day service or a slower 10-15 day service depending on the urgency of your situation.


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We provide the complete document solution for customers based anywhere in the world. Once we have obtained a replacement certificate we can complete the legalisation of your document with the apostille and embassy attestation if required. We also translate marriage certificates into over 100 languages. Most translations are completed in just a few hours.