A selection of frequently asked questions relating to to our embassy attestation service.
Which embassies do we work with?

We currently work with most of the embassies in London when full embassy attestation is required as well as the apostille. There are a few embassies we do not deal with directly as they insist on the person detailed in the documents attending the embassy themselves. The most common Embassies we deal with are detailed on our embassy attestation page but we also work with many others including the embassies of Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan. Please contact a member of the team to find out the embassy attestation procedure relating to the country you are dealing with.

How long does embassy attestation take?

The processing time for each embassy varies. With most embassies we see that the attestation service will take around 5 working days although some can take longer than this. Processing times do fluctuate frequently and aim to provide clients with the most accurate information possible based on recent orders relating to that country. For an accurate time-frame please contact us for the latest information.

Is our embassy attestation service fully inclusive?

The embassy attestation fees that we quote include all necessary costs. We pay for all travel costs, handling charges and disbursements incurred processing your order. If your documents also require an apostille these fees will be confirmed at the time of ordering. We will ensure that all relevant steps to have the document legalised correctly are taken. If there are any problems whilst the documents are with the embassy we will deal with this on your behalf to complete the legalisation service. If for any reason the embassy refuse to accept your document we will refund the embassy part of the process for you.

I live outside of the UK can we process your documents with the embassy?

If you live outside of the UK and your documents were issued in the UK we can deal with the embassy attestation on your behalf. You do not need to fly back to the UK. Using our service will save you time and money. If your documents do originate from outside of the UK unfortunately we will not be able to deal with the attestation service. The embassies in London are very strict and will only legalise documents which originate in the UK.

Why is our embassy attestation service easier than arranging it yourself?

With over 15 years experience dealing with embassies on a daily basis we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be trying to legalise documents for use overseas. A lot of the embassies are difficult to contact and will only open their phone lines for a few hours each day. Emails go unanswered, premium phone lines cost a lot of money to call and many do not provide instructions on the specific requirements meaning your documents may be rejected and delayed. As one of the UK’s leading attestation services we know how to submit documents to each embassy to ensure documents are correctly attested. Using our service will save you both time and money and is considerably less stressful than trying to complete the process yourself.

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