A selection of frequently asked questions relating to getting an apostille on your company documents.
What is a COGS?

A Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) is a document that is issued by Companies House and confirms the company has been in continuous existence since its incorporation date. This will also show that no action is currently being taken against the company for it to be struck off and taken removed from the register.

In order for a COGS to be issued by Companies House, the accounts and annual return must be filed and up to date. If these documents are overdue then the good standing statement cannot be included. Additional details can be added to the Certificate confirming the registered office, directors and secretaries, shares and the shareholders. You can obtain this document from Companies House directly, alternatively we can obtain this on your behalf. If this is something you would be interested in please contact a member of the team to confirm the latest prices.

Where can I get my incorporation documents from?

If you do not have access to your original Company Incorporation documents then you can obtain copies of these from Companies House. If you go onto Companies House and search for your company there should be a section where you can download your Incorporation Documents. A fee may be charged for the download. Alternatively, your company formation service provider should hold these documents on their systems where you will be able to access them.

If you need our assistance we would be pleased to access Companies House and order replacement documents for you. Please ask one of the team for help.

How do I order company information from Companies House?

When looking to obtain information on a company you can order this directly from Companies House. You start by searching for the Company Name or Number on the Companies House website. Once you have found the company page you can then select the option ‘Order information on this Company’. From here you will be able to see a full list of the filing history of the company and can order the documents which you wish to see. Companies House may charge you for providing the documents.

We regularly assist customers who need to order documents or certificates from Companies House. Let us take care of this for you to save you time and money.

Can I combine my company documents under one apostille?

If we are processing multiple company documents for the same company then we are able to process the documents together under one apostille. This would see our solicitor create and sign a cover sheet listing the documents that are included in the set. These documents would then be bound together as one and one apostille would then be placed on the cover sheet legalising all documents in the set. This method of processing company documents is usually acceptable for use overseas although if you are unsure please contact the people requesting your documents.

Do my company documents need to be signed by a solicitor?

The way your company documents are presented will vary whether they will require solicitor certification. If you are providing us with photocopies or scans of the documents then these will need to be solicitor certified. Also, if you have obtained unsigned copies from Companies House these will also require certification.

If you are to sending us your original company documents that have been signed by an officer at Companies House then the apostille can be issued without solicitor certification. If replacement documents have been ordered from Companies House and you paid the extra to have them certified by an officer these will also not require any certification by a solicitor.

What is a company tax residency certificate?

A Company Tax Residency Certificate is similar to a Personal Residency Certificate, these are created to show that the company is paying taxes in the UK. A Company will be classed as a UK Resident provided that it is incorporated in the UK. If the company was formed outside of the UK but members of the board who control the running of the business are UK based the company may still pay tax here in the UK.

Where do I get a company tax residency certificate?

If you need to obtain a Company Tax Residency Certificate then you will be able to obtain this from HMRC. If you either contact your corporation tax office or visit their website you should be able to find information on how to fill out a basic application form. In this form you will need to provide details of your company and then send this on to HMRC. They will then issue you with your Tax Residency document relating to the company.

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