What is a Certified Greek Translation?

If you ever need to present your documents in another country for administrative purposes or legal matters then you may conceivably be asked to provide a translation.  There is no international standard for how translations should be prepared. Different countries and authorities therein will have their own expectations with regards to what they consider to be an acceptable translation.

The Greek consulate, and Greek authorities in general, will expect documents to be translated by a Greek certified translator. This is a translator whom is registered with and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic. Translations produced in this way are known as Certified Translations.

Historically, the certified translator would attach the translation to the physical source document. The translation would be endorsed by their signature, their credentials and their official stamp or seal. The good news is that this process has now been largely digitised. Official translations can now contain the translator’s digital signature, digital seal and a QR code that can be used to verify the credentials of the translator with the Greek Government.

According to Greek law, there are four different categories of translations, depending on the nature of the document –

Category A: Birth, wedding, death and other certificates, criminal records, certificates issued by various municipal and other authorities, passports, drivers' licences, residence permits, Apostille certificates etc.

Category B: Academic records and degrees/diplomas, tax returns and other tax documents, solemn declarations etc.

Category C: Medical reports, court decisions and awards, records of judicial proceedings, POAs, Financial Statements etc.

Category D: Handwritten documents.

We can assist with getting documents translated by a Greek Certified Translator and our prices would scale in accordance with the category the documents fall under. If you would like a quote for this service please email a copy of your document to us.

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