A selection of frequently asked questions relating to getting an apostille on your Power of Attorney.
What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a document which is created by one person or a company giving the rights to another Person/Company to act on their behalf during legal matters. These documents are typically created when matters are taking place overseas when the person giving the Power is unable to attend. Usually these documents are signed in the presence of a UK Notary Public or Solicitor before being sent to our office for the apostille.

How should a solicitor sign a Power of Attorney?

When a Solicitor or Notary Public are signing a Power of Attorney, typically they should witness you sign this and leave a statement on the document to this effect. When documents are signed in the presence of a Solicitor/Notary the statements which are often used are either ‘Signed in my presence’ or ‘Signed Before Me’ as well as stating their name & date. Also the Solicitor/Notary should sign the document with their personal signature and place their firms stamp on the document.

Where can I get a Power of Attorney?

In many circumstances you will be provided with a Power of Attorney from a legal firm overseas that needs to act on your behalf. If you have not been given one and need your Power of Attorney to be written up professionally then you can contact a UK Solicitor/Notaries firm who will be willing to do this for you. To prepare the document you will need to provide points to the Solicitor/Notary of what information needs to be included in the document. They will then be able to create this for you. An alternative option to this is using a template you can find on the internet. On some sites you can find examples of previous Powers of Attorney which you can follow and on others you are able to edit these with your own information.

How do I legalise my power of attorney?

To legalise a power of attorney (POA) with an apostille certificate it must be signed by a UK solicitor or notary public before the document is sent to us for the apostille to be issued. The notary is signing the POA as a witness so the person issuing the power of attorney will need to visit a local notary in the UK to sign the document.

When the POA has been witnessed by the notary or solicitor it can then be sent to us for issue with the apostille. We simply need you to post the document to us together with our order form available here.

We can also arrange for the document to be attested with many of the embassies in London. This is only required for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention.

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A Power of Attorney is a document which is created by one person or a company giving rights to another Person/Company.


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